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Have you started reading yet?

I’m humbled by the wonderful feedback I’ve gotten so far. Now that the book is published, I’m in the position of a chef who has made a new dish and is peeking through the kitchen door to the dining room, hoping the diners will like it.

Here are a few quick updates:

I’m gathering links to online reviews, and there are already a few to read.

If you’ve read the book, and would like to share your thoughts with others, please rate and review at Amazon. Reader reviews influence other potential readers.

I wrote a guest blog post for Brandy at Afterthoughts on Charlotte Mason’s views on evolution.

I’ve added a blog feature to my website, and one of the things I’ll use it for is discussing a few homeschooling products that make use of synthetic rather than analytic thinking. Stay tuned!

For now, the Study Guide for Consider This will remain available for free. I’m working on creating a printed version as well, in case anyone is interested in having a physical copy.

Thank you for your continued interest.

Karen Glass

Last few days for launch week extras!

Don’t miss out!

I know that many of you have already purchased Consider This, and I understand a few of you have even metaphorically devoured it. This is just a reminder that the Study Guide will only be available as a free PDF download for two more days. It doesn’t matter if you’ve purchased the book yet–feel free to download it now if you’ll want it later.

Also, don’t forget that the Kindle version is free with the purchase of the physical copy of Consider This (currently discounted to $12.04).

If you purchased the book and forgot to get the Kindle version–you still can. Follow the directions at Amazon at the above link.

After you read, I would love to hear your thoughts. And for those so inclined, please post your ratings and reviews on Amazon. Those reviews influence potential readers.

Thank you for your continued interest. I look forward to hearing what you think!

Karen Glass

This is launch week!

Every once in a while, something you’ve been waiting for arrives a little earlier than anticipated. So it is with Consider This: Charlotte Mason and the Classical Tradition! Thanks to the miracle of modern digital publishing, a finished manuscript can be transformed into a real book with amazing speed. And so it’s ready!

I’m so excited to finally be able to share the book with you all, and I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback.

Just because I’m so excited and you’ve all been patient these extra weeks, I’ve prepared several bonuses for launch week.

First of all, I’m giving away a few signed copies of Consider This. Check out this page for information about how you can enter multiple ways for a chance to win. One of the ways to enter is by liking my new Facebook page for Consider This, which I hope will be a place to share news and feedback about the book.

Besides the chance to win a signed copy, I’ve also prepared a study guide with thoughtful questions and suggested extra reading. It will be a free PDF download through the end of October. I originally thought of making it free with purchase, but why would you download it if you weren’t planning to purchase the book sooner or later? So, even if you aren’t buying the book just yet, feel free to snag the study guide while it’s free!

But there is another bonus for those who do purchase the book by the end of October. If you order a physical copy, you can purchase the Kindle version for free through Amazon’s Matchbook program. Two for the price of one! However, this program is only available to buyers using It doesn’t work in Canada, Europe, or the UK.

I have been overwhelmed by how eagerly this book has been welcomed already. My goal in writing it was to produce a very readable, understandable book that would make some of the fundamentals of classical education plain—things that sometimes aren’t mentioned when classical education is discussed—and to show how Charlotte Mason’s philosophy and methods are faithful to those fundamentals. This isn’t a “how to” book, it’s a “why to” book, and my wish for those who read it is that you will come away with firmer convictions about what education is meant to be, and more confidence than ever in the methods Charlotte Mason developed to make that education possible. We’ll soon see if I’ve succeeded. I look forward to hearing what you think.

Not long now!

It was hard for me to ask everyone to wait until the end of October, but the time is drawing near, and I am confident that the tentative release date of October 25th will be a reality.  That means it’s almost launch week!

I’ll be giving away two signed copies of Consider This, and if you have subscribed to these updates, you’ll automatically be entered in the drawing with a chance to receive one.

Someone asked me a few weeks ago if there were study questions at the end of each chapter.  There are not, but the question prompted me to consider writing study-guide questions.  I’m doing that now, and the study guide will be available for free to everyone who purchases a copy of the book during launch week.

I have more to share later, and I hope you are as excited as I am that this book will soon be available.

I haven’t posted any new articles on my site, but Brandy at Afterthoughts has been running a “31 Days” series to bust various myths about Charlotte Mason.  My contribution was to bust the myth that CM’s many subjects conflict with the classical principle of multum non multa.

More to come!

Karen Glass


Quick Update

I haven’t written an update for a while, but with less than a month left until the promised release date, it seemed like a good time to let you know what’s been going on.

  1. I recently added a new article, “Why Did She Have to Say That?,” which discusses Charlotte Mason’s first two principles of education in some detail, giving the historical background that influenced her principles.  One of the early chapters of Consider This includes some of the information in this article, so it’s a sneak-peak into part of the book as well.
  2. Part of the reason for the delayed publication is a welcome addition to the book, and I’m so pleased to be able to share that David V. Hicks, author of Norms and Nobility, has written an introduction for Consider This. There is no living educator and author I admire more, and I have quoted Norms and Nobility in my book.  This is a great honor for me, and I am delighted to be able to share this news with you now.
  3. With publication drawing near, I plan to offer a few give-aways to reward your patience. I’m excited to share this work with you! It won’t be long now.

Karen Glass

We have a different date…

This is a hard update to write, and I have been putting it off.  I’ve known for several days that my announcement of an August 28th release date was premature, and I am actually going to have to wait longer.  I don’t mind for myself, but I have dreaded telling all of you that rather than a very near release date within this month, I am going to have to change that date to one several weeks in the future.  In fact, I’m going to set a tentative date of October 25th.

I have been humbled and gratified by many of you have written to tell me how much you are looking forward to reading the book.  I hate having to say that we are going to have to wait still longer, but we are, indeed, going to have to wait.  The book is written and will be there to read.  I apologize for having to backtrack now.  The frenzy to finish the editing can now be done at leisure, and I will spare a little time to think about what I can offer to make up for the wait.

In the meantime, we have to wait together, but I am looking forward to the not-too-distant future when I will be able to share this work, the cumulative study of 20 years distilled into twelve readable chapters, with you all.  Thank you for your patience, and I add again that I am more chagrined than I can say that I have to change the date.

Karen Glass

We have a date!

It’s tentative, but we are marking August 28th as the release date for Consider This.  There is still some work to do, but we think we can be ready by then.  I hope you are as excited as we are.

If you haven’t seen the book trailer, you can view it on the website, along with some kind comments from Michelle Miller of TruthQuest History.

I’m so glad the book will be available soon. I’m really looking forward to sharing it.

Karen Glass

A few additions

Each week brings Consider This closer to publication, and I am getting excited about having it finished and available.  If you visit the site now, you’ll find that mundane filler-cover has been replaced with the real cover, and I am very happy with the finished product, the joint effort my husband and daughter.

I’ve also added a review by a dear friend who read the first manuscript for me, Anne White.  She has shared a few tidbits and insights from Consider This that I hope will pique your interest.

I hope that the next update will bring you the news of a definite release date.  I’ll send it out just as soon as I know it myself!

Thank you for your interest–I really can’t wait to share the finished book with you all.

Karen Glass

A brief update and a new article

With the hope of a release date before the end of August, I feel like my eyes are watching the clock and calendar anxiously.  There are so many little details.  I had hoped to share the final cover design by now, but that is still a couple of weeks away.  After the cover is done, I hope to have a short video preview to share.  Meanwhile, I’m working on editing so that the final manuscript will be as error-free as possible.

I’ve uploaded one new article, The Teacher as a Philosopher, and I hope to add a few more in the coming weeks.  I’ve also added some kind commentary from Sonia Shafer of Simply Charlotte Mason to the main page.

Thank you for you interest in Consider This.  I am really looking forward to sharing the finished book with you very soon!

Karen Glass

New article!

I’ve added a new article to the site, updated from one written long ago, The Still Progress of Growth.  I continue to be amazed at how similar my thinking today is to what it was over ten years ago.

The editing of the book manuscript is about 1/2 complete, and work is underway on the cover design.  I hope the next update will include the reveal of the finished book cover.

I will have the privilege of visiting Charlotte Mason’s home region in Ambleside, England this week for the first time.  How amazed she would be to know that her work goes on, and her ideas are appreciated and shared over 90 years after her death.


Thank you for you continued interest–I ‘m looking forward to sharing the finished book with you all.


Karen Glass