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For a while, in 2002 and 2003, I published an “e-zine” called Magnanimity.  This slightly-edited article appeared in the first issue, to explain the name.  A dozen years later, I am astonished by two things–that I feel exactly the same way about education now as I did then, and that I feel equally in need of improving my own.


Why call a newsletter by a name that’s difficult to pronounce and probably
hard to remember as well? The title was the suggestion of a friend and
associate, but it perfectly conveys the spirit behind this venture.
“Magnanimity” is composed of two roots. “Magna” means “great or large,” and
“animus” means “life” or “spirit.” Thus, “magnanimity” refers to a “large
spirit” or “greatness of life.” Continue reading Magnanimity