Twenty Principles swag!

I’m not really enthusiastic about creating lots of “products,” but when I developed the infographic that shows all the twenty principles and their relationships to each other for In Vital Harmony, I always wanted a pretty colorful version that I could hang on the wall as well. I’m delighted that it’s become a reality at last. And the mug, well…I’m a coffee drinker, so it’s always nice to have another mug, and this one has a nice-sized handle.

The poster comes in three sizes to suit different spaces and uses. It includes all the material in the graphic from the book, with two helpful additions. The twenty principles are shown rooted in “Truth, Goodness, and Beauty,” and the poster is headed by the quote that encapsulates Charlotte Mason’s twenty principles in a nutshell: “Child, know thyself, and thy relations to God, and Man, and Nature.”

I have a lot of limitations in the way I can make these available, so I apologize for the inconvenience. You can take a closer look at everything and purchase from Gumroad here.

Charlotte Mason’s twenty educational principles are a beautiful, comprehensive set of ideas that create a thriving environment for living and learning.  I hope this poster and its sister mug might help to keep those ideas in the forefront of your mind as you teach your children day by day.