At last—Much May Be Done with Sparrows!

I’m so pleased to be able to share that this little chapbook collection of essays is ready to make its way out of my “to do” pile of thinking, editing, formatting, and proofing and into the wider world. I hope you’ll be kind and gentle with it, and in return, I hope that it will bless and encourage you as you teach your children by the principles Charlotte Mason expounded.

This book has not been written to teach you about those principles or methods. Rather, it has been written to encourage you to think deeply and to keep your eyes on the vital ideas that will make a difference, even when you feel that you are just plodding through your home school days. Little things matter. Sparrows matter. You and your children are important, and education is a science of relations, not a checklist with boxes to be ticked off.

If you are a little weary, I hope this book will bring a breath of fresh air into your spirit as you look ahead to the next school year.

Much May Be Done with Sparrows is now available to purchase in both paperback and Kindle versions.