In the home stretch…

Now that it’s January, I have been flooded by questions about when, exactly, Know and Tell will be available, and that is perfectly fair because I said January, right?

When I said that (in October), I was hoping for earlier rather than later in January, too. However, I should have known better because holidays, winters, business, baking, illness, and etc.

However, I spoke with my formatting editor (i.e. husband) last night and he assures me January is still on. We are that close. Allowing for as-yet-unforeseen complications, we’re committed to having Know and Tell available before January 31. I wish it were sooner, too. I want it to be the very best I can give you, though, and meeting that deadline is going to keep us pretty busy. Back to work for me!

3 thoughts on “In the home stretch…

  1. I can’t wait! Will it be available in e-book form? (I live in Peru and getting things shipped here is complicated.) Also, will this one be translated into Spanish in the future? I brought back De Mente A Mente on my last trip to the US, and I am excited for the possibility of sharing it with some Peruvian homeschooling mamas, since there are not many resources for homeschooling here in Peru. Thanks again for all of your hard work!

    1. Sadly, there won’t be an electonic version available immediately. There are so many extra things in the book, it doesn’t lend itself to being made into a Kindle book. We might eventually figure out a way to make a PDF version available, but it’s not going to be right away.

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