In Vital Harmony book study

Hosted via the Beautiful Teaching website, I’m going to be offering another in-person online book study for In Vital Harmony. Over six weeks, we’ll meet once per week on Thursdays for live lecture and discussion. This time, there will also be some study notes available ahead of time and discussion space outside of class time to interact further with each other and the ideas we’ll be covering.

Class will run from September 22 to October 27 (with lectures available to view for one week if you have to miss a live class). I did a session of this a few months ago for the first time ever, and I’ve made several improvements. I got great feedback from the last group, and I’m hoping the experience will be better than ever this time around.

If you want to understand Charlotte Mason’s educational philosophy in a comprehensive and cohesive way, this course will walk you through all the parts while keeping the larger picture in view. Join me! I look forward to seeing you there. (Space is limited for the sake of discussion, so register soon.)

2 thoughts on “In Vital Harmony book study

  1. I wish I could have joined in! We are starting ‘In Vital Harmony’ this week in our homeschool mother’s bookclub. I couldn’t put it down! Will you offer discussion questions for IVH like you did with ‘Consider This’? Thank you for putting centuries old wisdom in laymans terms for us

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