Listen to Consider This as an audiobook!

I have a couple of fun things that have been percolating on the back burner, waiting for prime time, but this is probably the most exciting one. Did you know that Consider This: Charlotte Mason and the Classical Tradition was published in October of 2014? What that means is that as of October 2019, Consider This is five years old. This book is a little bit like a first-born child—one that I carried for some fifteen years before bringing it into the world, because unlike babies, books have to walk on their own two feet from day one. Your first baby makes you a mother (or father!), and your first book makes you an author. I’ve been nothing but grateful for the overwhelmingly positive response I’ve received from the book, the most gratifying of which has been, “Your book helped me so much.” That is why I wrote it.

And that is why my friend and colleague Donna-Jean A. Breckenridge has narrated it. She and her Technical Producer (aka, her husband Bill) have invested many hours in bringing the audio edition of Consider This to fruition. This is what she  wanted to share with you:

“Ever since reading Karen’s book Consider This: Charlotte Mason and the Classical Tradition five years ago, I’ve thought about sharing it with others.  So when my two married daughters read the book recently, I got to discuss with them the timeless principles of education it contains. It was a thrill to be able to talk with them about Charlotte Mason’s educational philosophy, and to see how they can implement it in their homeschool and their teaching career. 
I’ve read aloud to my four children—and now my three grandchildren—for all their lives. In my work in church ministry, I’ve done public speaking and dramatic portrayals. And all along, I’ve studied Charlotte Mason’s works, first as an interested homeschool mom, then as an AmblesideOnline Advisory member, helping put together a curriculum. And now I’ve found a way to put those interests together. 
It’s been one of the joys of my life to work with Karen and our beloved AmblesideOnline Advisory members. Getting to create the audiobook for Karen’s Consider This has been an adventure! It’s my first foray into audiobooks, my husband Bill has done the editing magic, and now I’m excited to be able to bring Karen’s work into a new format.”


There have been quite a few bumps along the way, but they have brought us to this moment when we can finally say, “Look at this!”

That’s an audio book! It’s immediately available from Amazon and  iTunes. You can click on cover to view the book on Amazon, where a sample of the audio is available to hear. Can you tell I’m excited? I’ve been asked over and over again if this was available as an audio book, and now I’ll be able to answer yes! If you’re wondering about my other titles, Donna-Jean has plans for those, too.

I’ve got promo codes (free audiobooks!) to give away this week on Facebook and Instagram (@karenglassreads). I’ll also give away two codes from the blog here. Leave a comment through midnight Friday telling me why you’d want to listen to the audio version of this book (just to hear Donna-Jean read is a legitimate reason) and I’ll announce the winners on Saturday.


16 thoughts on “Listen to Consider This as an audiobook!

  1. This is a book that is on my “to-read” list each summer, before the start of the school year! I’ve never managed to make that happen between all the other things I’m juggling. I am SO excited for the audiobook version because that gives it much more flexibility, in terms of when and where I can make it happen! Thank you for doing this!

  2. I would listen just to hear Donna-Jean read it. Great choice for the audio version! I’m excited for an audio version because it’s how I read 90% of my books. I read 2/3 of it when it came out, and I loved it. But I don’t often finish without group accountability when there’s no audio, gasp! My kids learning challenges came from somewhere, ya know!! Thank you Karen, for all you do for the CM community.

  3. I never seem to find the time to sit and be able to read. Audiobooks let me “read” and work with my hands the tasks that keep our family functioning. My goal this year is to listen to audiobooks that I have wanted to read for years but am finally accepting that I need to do audiobooks if I want to have it in my life at this time.
    Thank you for this book and now audiobook! I cant wait to add to my audio-library

  4. I would love to listen to the audio! I’ve been meaning to make time to read, but it keeps getting put off. If I have the audio, I could listen while doing the dishes.

  5. Thank you for providing an audio option! I think listening would help me to take this book in in these next couple of months, as I have not yet made the time to read it, as I have been intending.

  6. LOVED the book, used it in a book club with friends when it first came out.. Re-read it at least once. Now would love to listen to it, especially since it’s read by Donna! Both ladies are my heroes!! Great job and congratulations to them on a job well done!

  7. I would love love love to listen to this. Congratulations on the anniversary of your baby. I pray for a wide audience and the positive impact of many hearts.

  8. With so much time spent in the car, audio books are my best friends! I can not wait to listen to this….the hard copy I own is gathering “dust” as I look guiltily on it each time I open the bedside drawer. I want to get the book read – even if that means someone else reading it to me.

  9. I would like it just to have someone read it to me. I read it, and I loved it. But I like being read to also.

  10. What could be better than Donna-Jean reading Consider This?! What a great combination!

  11. I have had your book on my shelf (among the thousands of other books I’ve collected) for years now and it keeps guilting me, cause I KNOW I would love it if I could just get to reading it! I have just gotten a new phone that allows me to add audible books and I am LOVING how much “reading” I’m getting done as I listen to audiobooks now! Would love to win a code!

  12. This book has been on my Amazon wishlist for FAR TOO LONG. After reading Know and Tell, I know you’re an author that I want to hear more from. I would LOVE to have this audio book.

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