Make room on the bookshelf…

Even before I published Consider This, and more so since I’ve seen the response to it, I have sensed that the Charlotte Mason community is “growing up”—wanting to move beyond “how do I do this?” to explore the deeper ideas in Charlotte Mason’s writings. We are in for a marvelous treat.

My long-time friend and colleague (fellow AmblesideOnline Advisory member) Anne White has written a book—Minds More Awake— that is going to delight, edify, and nourish those hungry for “more.” Hence, my suggestion to make a little room on your bookshelf, because you are going to want to read this. More than once.

I have been privileged to read an early manuscript, and it felt like sitting down with a wise, experienced homeschool mom who has kept her own mind awake but never lost touch with the nitty-gritty day to day details of life. So, while she delves deeply into ideas that will refresh and encourage, she can grab the nearest kitchen appliance as an illustration, or remark, “that reminds me of seventh-grade shop class,” and add a layer of meaning to every children’s book you can remember.

Go read all about it, and do make a little space on the shelf. It will be so worth it.

One thought on “Make room on the bookshelf…

  1. I am so excited. Your book and Anne’s will be the fuel I will be needing for a new revival at my hs. Such a blessing to have real moms with so much experience and love for the ones coming behind.

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