Something old, Something new

(Yes, I promise I will get those main pages updates and sorted really, really soon.)

In the meantime…

I just have something I want to share, and right now is the time to share it. When Consider This was first published two years ago this month (!), I shared a bit about how I came to write the book. I mentioned Sheila Atchley, a long-time friend, whose art and writing were particularly helpful and encouraging.

Sheila’s journey as an artist gets more exciting all the time, and I’m especially pleased that she’s releasing her first book! It’s called The Women of Advent: A Gathering of Scattered Hearts, Past and Present. Her beautiful art–I love the art, AND devotionals on the women in Jesus’ genealogy, as well as space for journaling…and a free gift with pre-orders, which she’s taking now.


I ordered mine and am looking forward to what I know will be a blessing during the upcoming Advent. Sheila has a way of touching hearts–especially women’s hearts–which is a rare gift. She encourages you. I can’t even explain it–you have to read it for yourself. She has a way of both making you content with the gifts and work that are yours alone, but with a no-nonsense approach that will not allow you to wallow in slackness. Be who you were meant to be. And do what you were meant to do. That’s the message I’ve taken away from Sheila’s writing, which truly celebrates women and their work, and I’m looking forward to what she has to say in this new book. (Which I hope will be only the first with more to come.)

“Something old” is the story of the women in the Bible who are named among the lineage of Christ.

“Something new” is Sheila’s unique and insightful devotional (I say this with confidence, though I haven’t even seen it–I just know) which will give you a whole new appreciation for them.

You won’t regret getting a copy–tell her I sent you.