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Review by Anne White

Anne is long-time friend and colleague, and it’s been very great privilege to work with her as part of the Advisory at amblesideonline.org .  I’ve visited her home and chatted with her in person on a few wonderful occasions as well.  She was one of my earliest readers, and asked me to share this review here.

Review of Consider This

by Anne White

It has been my privilege to have worked with Karen Glass as a fellow CM homeschooler and friend for many years. During that time, she became our “go-to person” on questions of classical education, and she often shared interesting parallels to Charlotte Mason’s writings that she had found in her own wide reading and research. Many of us hoped that she would someday be able to put her insights together in a book. I was delighted to be able to preview a copy of Consider This, which gets its title from Charlotte Mason’s response to a request for educational advice. Miss Mason responded, “The answer cannot be given in the form of ‘Do’ this and that, but rather as an invitation to ‘Consider’ this and that; action follows when we have thought duly.” It is a good title for a book that asks us to consider the deep foundations and traditions behind Charlotte Mason’s philosophy, and then (as Charlotte Mason and the classic educators would thoroughly approve), challenges us to put those ideas into practice. Karen considers the classical ideal of the unity of knowledge, reflects on what happened to that ideal, and offers (with Mason) suggestions on how we might attempt to reclaim it. Continue reading Review by Anne White