Know and Tell is available!

I’m so excited to share that Know and Tell: The Art of Narration is available at last. I’m especially happy to report that I made it before the end of January, as promised. Whew!

I’ve been working on this book for so long, it’s hard to believe that it’s finally going to venture into the world on its own. I fervently hope it will do what I want it to do—give readers confidence in the very effective method of narration. I’m looking forward to your feedback!


5 thoughts on “Know and Tell is available!

    1. The book format doesn’t lend itself to Kindle format (too many extra “things” apart from the main text). We may find another way to release a digital version, but it won’t be immediate.

    1. My other books (in particular, Consider This) are available through Book Depository, and I expect this one will be, too. It may take a little longer (several weeks) for them to pick it up–Amazon is immediate, but other distributors take time. If you write and ask them about it, maybe it will speed up the process? We can hope, right? (I contacted them too. I figure it can’t hurt.)

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