Last few days for launch week extras!

Don’t miss out!

I know that many of you have already purchased Consider This, and I understand a few of you have even metaphorically devoured it. This is just a reminder that the Study Guide will only be available as a free PDF download for two more days. It doesn’t matter if you’ve purchased the book yet–feel free to download it now if you’ll want it later.

Also, don’t forget that the Kindle version is free with the purchase of the physical copy of Consider This (currently discounted to $12.04).

If you purchased the book and forgot to get the Kindle version–you still can. Follow the directions at Amazon at the above link.

After you read, I would love to hear your thoughts. And for those so inclined, please post your ratings and reviews on Amazon. Those reviews influence potential readers.

Thank you for your continued interest. I look forward to hearing what you think!

Karen Glass