Mind to Mind en Español

I haven’t really had an occasion to talk about this yet, but there is one exciting development surrounding the abridgment of Charlotte Mason’s Volume Six that I want to share.

Native English speakers are not the only homeschoolers who are interested in Charlotte Mason’s ideas, but the length and difficulty of her books make the full volumes daunting to read. Silvia Cachia is a bi-lingual homeschooler (and AmblesideOnline user!) who read an early version of the abridgment, and immediately wanted to translate it into Spanish. She has assembled a team of native speakers who will be working together under her direction to translate Mind to Mind. When they are finished, Spanish speakers will be able to connect to Charlotte Mason’s ideas directly–mind to mind–without the barrier of a foreign language.

I’m quite excited about this project; however, it is an on-going project and it’s too early to predict exactly when it will be available. If you can read Spanish, you can read more about it here.


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