September’s Hot New Release?

During the first week that Consider This was released, it had a brief moment in the sun (figuratively speaking) at Amazon. It was featured, to my amusement, as a “hot new release” in the sub-sub-sub-sub category of “Education Theory.”

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 5.59.02 PM

So, just for fun, I thought we might make an attempt to put Charlotte Mason into the limelight and give Mind to Mind the same “hot new release” status in its sub-sub-sub (I really don’t know how far down it goes) category. Amazon updates its status hourly, so things move fast. I’ll announce the winners of the free books at noon on Friday, Eastern Time, and if you are planning to buy a copy soon, why not make your purchase on Friday afternoon? If enough people decide to do that, Charlotte Mason will rise to the top of the charts, and maybe a few teachers doing some back-to-school shopping on Amazon will notice and be introduced to her for the first time.

Well, we can hope. Wouldn’t it be a breath of life for children in public schools to have a teacher influenced by Charlotte Mason?

In any case, if we achieve this fleeting status by purchasing enough books to feature Mind to Mind as a “hot new release,” (originally published in 1925!) I’ll give away an additional two books. Why not?