Not long now!

It was hard for me to ask everyone to wait until the end of October, but the time is drawing near, and I am confident that the tentative release date of October 25th will be a reality.  That means it’s almost launch week!

I’ll be giving away two signed copies of Consider This, and if you have subscribed to these updates, you’ll automatically be entered in the drawing with a chance to receive one.

Someone asked me a few weeks ago if there were study questions at the end of each chapter.  There are not, but the question prompted me to consider writing study-guide questions.  I’m doing that now, and the study guide will be available for free to everyone who purchases a copy of the book during launch week.

I have more to share later, and I hope you are as excited as I am that this book will soon be available.

I haven’t posted any new articles on my site, but Brandy at Afterthoughts has been running a “31 Days” series to bust various myths about Charlotte Mason.  My contribution was to bust the myth that CM’s many subjects conflict with the classical principle of multum non multa.

More to come!

Karen Glass


11 thoughts on “Not long now!

  1. Oh my gooodness, I can’t *wait* to read your book. The study guide will be nice too, and will help in understanding, always a good thing!

    I’ve been enjoying the 31 days series very much, and I thought your post was so valuable. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. It really makes a difference!

  2. I am looking forward to reading your book. Thank you for adding the study guide. That will be a useful resource for the book discussion I will be leading.

  3. Ohhhhhhh!!! Guess what the next Book Discussion on the AO forum will be with regard to the CM series, Karen, once we have your study guide? I am SO EXCITED about your book and am trying ever so hard to wait patiently!!!

    1. I delayed approving this comment because I wasn’t ready to answer the question. Amazon was ready before I was. 🙂 But the book is for sale at Amazon in the US, UK, and Europe. Sadly, I think Canadians have to choose one of those because I wasn’t able to “publish” in Canada.

  4. Ooh! I’m really excited about the study guide. I’ve already considered that your book (ha! considered! get it??) should be on the roster for my local group. The study guide will save me work. 🙂

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