Q & A for Know and Tell

I’ve seen or fielded a few questions and comments that I think might be of general interest. So in case you were wondering…

When is the Kindle version coming out?

I’m sorry—I truly am—but Know and Tell cannot be a Kindle book. Besides my text, there are pages and pages of children’s narrations. We can make it obvious on a static page which is which, but Kindle is much less flexible, as readers control things like font size, and it would be impossible to organize things sensibly. You could be reading along about narration, and suddenly find yourself in the middle of a cheerful retelling about Paul Bunyan.

It may be that we will find another way to make a digital copy available, but that will not be immediately forthcoming.

Why is the book so long?

It looks a little daunting, I know. However, the actual text of Know and Tell is very similar to that of Consider This. I value brevity, too. (Not that you could ever tell that from my blog posts or Facebook comments.) All the extra pages are full of extra things—mostly many, many narration samples generously shared by real homeschooling moms using narration in their homes. There are also a few bits addressed to students, some helpful (I hope) charts, some useful lists, and cartoons. The cartoons, drawn by Jenna Dilts, are charming. All that extra stuff adds to the page count, but I think you won’t mind.

Will this help me develop written narration with my older students?

Well, I do hope so. I meant it to. There are ten chapters in Know and Tell, and Amazon has activated the “Look Inside” feature now, so you can get a sneak preview. The chapter on “Becoming a Writer” is devoted to the later stages of narration—making the transition into composition—and it is nearly one-fourth of the total book.

This is hardly comprehensive. Do you have a question about Know and Tell? Let me know, and I’ll update this post!

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  1. Loving this book! I’m interested in contacting someone about possibly using portions of Know and Tell for staff development at our charter school. Please advise. Thanks!

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