Update, January 2017

Well, it’s a new year, and I hope it will bring, among other things, the announcement I’ve been wanting to make for months.

In the meantime, the initial Spanish translation of Mind to Mind has been completed, and we are moving on to the formatting stage. We don’t have a definite publication date yet, but I hope it will be in the early part of this year. Do you know anyone who would like to read Charlotte Mason in Spanish?

I finished up the blog series, “Charlotte Mason and Comenius” with a total of 8 posts. I linked to the first 4 in my last update. Here are the links to the rest:

5 Charlotte Mason Comenius–Narration

6 Charlotte Mason and Comenius–Nature Study

7 Charlotte Mason and Comenius–Will and Reason

8 Charlotte Mason and Comenius–Conclusion

Some of you may be aware of a lengthy critique of Consider This by Art Middlekauff, published in May 2016 on the Charlotte Mason Institute blog. I wrote a response to the critique, and you can find it on the Charlotte Mason Institute website in two parts (it’s long, but not as long as the original critique).

Part I
Part II

If you weren’t aware of the critique, or didn’t care to read it, you probably won’t find my response of interest. But it’s there for anyone who is interested.

The discussion of Norms and Nobility has begun on the AmblesideOnline forum, and so far it has been amazing. It’s not too late to join in, as we are reading at a nice, slow pace throughout all of 2017. It will be harder to catch up later, so if you are interested in joining the discussion, now is the time.

I look forward to continuing to read and share some of the things I’m learning. 2017 is shaping up to be a great year, and I hope all of us will look back on it twelve months from now and think, “Wow, I learned some amazing new things this year!”

Blessing and a belated Happy New Year!

Karen Glass

2 thoughts on “Update, January 2017

  1. Happy New Year to you! I saw- and read- the first posted response to Middlekauf’s criticism of Consider This and very much appreciated your clearing up misunderstandings. I know quite a few who read your book and the review by Middlekauf; I do believe you were the only one who could so adequately and accurately clear up the miserepresented points.
    I look forward to reading the posts you’ve linked here! It is always great to get your updates. Thank you for all the work, time, and energy you put into making CM more accessible to others.

  2. Very exciting news indeed – all of it! I have yet to read your Comenius posts but look forward to doing so in the very near future. Thank you, Karen, for your tireless commitment to the Charlotte Mason community.

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