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It’s been a while since I updated the “front page” here, but it’s definitely time, and I have some new things to share. It’s only a short time until the Spanish translation of Mind to MindDe mente a mente–will be available! Others besides myself have been working very hard on this, and that hard work is nearing completion. Do you know someone who would love to read Charlotte Mason in Spanish? It won’t be long now. I’ll update this page very soon with an exact release date and purchase information.

For the past two years, I’ve been working hard on another book. This one is on a completely different topic than Consider This, and I’m almost ready to share details and tell you all about it. I really can’t wait. That’s kind of a teaser. While you’re waiting to hear about that…

I’ve been reading some fascinating books and posting to the blog pretty consistently in 2017. One combination of those two things is an upcoming blog series based on my reading of In Memoriam, published by the PNEU (Parents’ National Educational Union) shortly after Charlotte Mason’s death. It’s a collection of all kinds of material (some of it authored by Mason herself) from the PNEU, personal memories and testimonials, and a celebration of  her work and ideas. This summer, I’m writing a weekly series to share some of the interesting things I encountered as I read. Here’s the first one!

Thank you for reading and thinking. My motto is “never stop learning,” and I love knowing that I’m not alone in my love of reading, thinking, and learning.

–Karen Glass

Books by Karen Glass

Consider This

Consider-This-coverAmong both school and home educators, Charlotte Mason’s methods and Classical Education have long been considered two different things. In fact, they should not be. Charlotte Mason deliberately looked back to classical educators such as Plato, Plutarch, Comenius, and Milton for her inspiration. She drew her ideas from the past and presented them to her contemporaries in a form that was easy to understand and implement. She wasn’t just a marginal Victorian teacher—she was a modern thinker whose ideas about education have their source in the classical past. Because the postmodern world that we live in finds its beginnings in the world she lived in, her message is still pertinent and timely, and needed even more sorely than when she first wrote.

Consider This: Charlotte Mason and the Classical Tradition takes a look at the most vital ideas that influenced the classical educators and shows how Charlotte Mason’s principles reflect the same ideas and values.

Read more, watch a video preview, and get the free study guide.


Mind to Mind

Knowledge…is passed, like the light of a torch, from mind to mind

MindToMindCoverFrontShadowIf you are familiar with Charlotte Mason’s writings, you probably know that the title of her last, most mature book was An Essay Towards a Philosophy of Education (shortened to A Philosophy of Education in modern reprints). With fear and trembling, I have ventured to shorten more than the title of this last volume in order to make it more accessible to modern readers.

If you have found reading Charlotte Mason’s original volumes a bit daunting, but still want to read her own words for yourself, this may be the book that you need.

Read more about the nature of this project, and download the first chapter!


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