Last chat about Formation of Character

This is my final post in the “Take the Fifth” blog series, and here’s Anne’s last thoughts. We’re saying good-bye to Formation of Character, but we do hope you got to know this volume a little better during this month-long series. If you do feel motivated, now or in the future, to pick up the volume and want a study guide of sorts, I led a book study on the AmblesideOnline forum in 2015. Forum membership is free, and you can access all the study posts here. Remember that every chapter in the book is a stand-alone article, so you can dip in and read whatever interests you, and you don’t have to read through the volume from front to back.

I sometimes joke that Volume 5 is both my favorite and least-favorite volume. It’s my “least favorite” because I find the stories in Part I a little tedious, and I know that Charlotte Mason tempered her views on habit a little bit later in her life, although the primary ideas expressed here are sound. But really it’s my favorite volume because of the wealth of wisdom which is found here and no where else in the series. I’m a little sad to say good-bye, but I’m already immersed in another volume (Parents and Children this time—although I’m not blogging about it), and Charlotte Mason never fails to teach me something new.

Anne and I have a bit of a surprise for you as we wrap things up. We recorded a live chat, in which we go over the four parts of the volume, share our feelings about them (we don’t have the same favorite parts!), and discuss meaningful alternative titles for the stodgy “Formation of Character.” Make a cup of coffee or tea, and join us for cozy chat.

Thank you for being part of this peek between the covers of Volume 5!

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