This is release week for Mind to Mind and we have winners!

I used a random number generator to pick our two winners:

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Here are your random numbers:


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And I thought the comments were numbered, but they are not, so I had to manually count down (the first comment you see is #1, the last comment is #50) to find the winners, but I triple checked it, and the winners are:

Krista and ChristineH!

Congratulations to you, and thank you everyone for participating. I’ll keep an eye on Amazon, and if Charlotte Mason achieves “Hot New Release” status, I’ll generate numbers for a couple more winners!

And I’m going to be giving away two free copies. (Sadly, not signed, because that involves shipping them to Poland first. But still. Free.)

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post letting me know why you’d be interested, or why you think someone else might be interested, in reading an abridged copy of Charlotte Mason’s final book. Any reason will do, including “I can it finish more quickly.” Each comment is one entry, and I’ll use a random-number generator to select the two winners on Friday, September 4th–the official day of release, although Amazon might be ready before then.

A goodly portion of Mind to Mind is my work, but the bulk of it is still Charlotte Mason’s. For that reason, the Kindle version is priced a little lower, and if you purchase a physical copy, the Kindle Matchbook will always be free.

In honor of launching Mind to Mind, the Kindle Matchbook for Consider This will be free all week as well. If you’ve ever purchased this physical book through Amazon, you can take advantage of the free Kindle version this week.

And don’t forget: if you plan a book study and want to do a bulk order (at least 5 copies), I can offer a discount. Just use the contact form to let me know.

If you’d like additional chances to win a free copy of Mind to Mind, share this post on Facebook, on your blog, via Twitter, or anywhere, and leave a separate comment for each one, telling me where you shared it: “I shared on Facebook!” Each comment is an additional entry for you, so don’t combine them. (And don’t worry if they don’t show up immediately–I have to approve comments, and only if you’ve commented before will they show up without approval.)

Entries close at 12:00pm (that’s noon!) Eastern Time, on Friday, September 4th. I’ll announce the winners shortly after.


50 thoughts on “This is release week for Mind to Mind and we have winners!

  1. Karen, your book Consider This has shaped how I think of classical education. I’ve loaned it out and promised to loan it out to several home educators, and I can’t wait to read Mind to Mind.

  2. I would be interested in reading a abridged book of Charlotte Mason to get an a good overview before reading the unabridged version. A better understand of Mason’s ideas.

  3. I am just soaking up all books about Charlotte Mason education. I am currently still working through volume 5, but with four kids, it would be such a blessing to enjoy volume 6 in a shortened version. I am looking forward to reading all of her complete works, but I also understand my life stage and it will take time. I also thoroughly enjoyed reading Consider This as it formed and shaped my understanding of classical and CM education. When I began all my mentors and fellow homeschoolers followed the classical method, but more of the recent classical method. I have found Consider This healing in terms of understanding the similarities as well as the differences. CM education has been a blessing for us as we have transitioned that way. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. Looking forward to reading a copy. Plus…I am finishing the Living Page this week, so it would be great timing to start my next education book 🙂

  4. Charlotte Mason’s philosophy has shaped my parenting in such a positive way. I always eager to read and better understand her writings.

  5. I would love to have a copy to add to my library, which will hopefully be a lending library in the future.

  6. Karen, many of my customers and friends are enjoying Consider a this this summer. I’m sure this will be among the top picks for our next Charlotte Mason Support Group read… Thanks for all the effort you put in on behalf of our community to make these ideas accessible!

  7. Charlotte Mason has had a huge impact on my life. I would like to read your/her book, Mind to Mind.

  8. I would love to win (or buy!) this, because I’m pretty sure I’ll never be done learning about Charlotte Mason. An abridged version would be great b/c it’s not always easy to read her original works. 🙂 I feel like sometimes I’m missing things b/c of the language. Doesn’t stop me from trying, of course!

  9. A free copy would be so nice to add to our homeschooling library. So many parents, myself included at one point in time, find Miss Mason’s words intimidating. Authors, like you, help us to quickly make sense of her insight and encourage us to build up the courage to then tackle her original works.

  10. I’m considering abandoning a CM only style of homeschool for the more eclectic style of homeschool that we enjoyed before. While I was drawn to CM for her love of God, her love of nature and her love of living books and I would keep those elements, I’m wearied by other aspects of trying to follow her philosophy as put forth by adherents. Perhaps your book will change my mind.

  11. I would love to read this! There is so much wisdom that CM had and to be able to ponder it and really grasp what she says leaves my schooling changed ( and my children for the better).

  12. Your posts on the Forum always encourage me, Karen! I would love to read what you have distilled as being the most essential of Mason’s ideas from her final book.

  13. How cool! Thanks for the chance to win one of your new books. I was looking at the pdf of the first chapter you posted, and I think that it looks quite well done. I think it makes it much more accessible and might be a really good fit for our CM mom’s group that is trying to figure out what to read next.

  14. I am teaching at a school that is Charlotte Mason centered. This would be a great resource to share with the staff.

  15. While I’ve read the original multiple times, I am very interested to see how you organized the material under headings and the brief introductions to each chapter that you’ve added. Think it might be a great tool for our study group.

  16. I am looking forward to the release of Mind to Mind. I read Consider This and have the book marked in many places of passages that really spoke to me. I’m sure Mind to Mind would be no different!

  17. I would love to win a copy. I believe I would enjoy reading it since I always enjoy reading your posts on the AO Forum and I appreciated your writing style in Consider This. Thanks for the giveaway.

  18. I am looking forward to reading this! I would like to have a copy available to loan to others I am introducing to Charlotte Mason

  19. I have been blessed by Consider This and I will purchase Mind to Mind if I don’t win a copy. Thank you!

  20. I look forward to understanding Mason’s philosophy as an ongoing effort to become a better teacher

  21. I would be interested in studying it in our CM study group. We currently study the original volume 6, but I’m concerned that some of the people who could be most blessed by Charlotte Mason’s ideas don’t come because they are intimidated.

  22. I am in my eighth year of teaching in a Charlotte Mason/Classical school. Not having been classically educated myself, I feel I have stumbled along most of the way! Finding your book, Consider This, brought so much clarity to my understanding of the aims of classical education as well as how CM is compatible with, not in opposition to, classical education. It was so meaningful to me that I persuaded my dean to read and discuss it with me, and she is now using with all of our new teachers in training! I anticipate that Mind to Mind will be just as important to our development.

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